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Media Forge Studios

Welcome to Media Forge Studios, a media production company from Northern British Columbia. 

With vast knowledge and proven successful experience in many media fields, there are few projects we cant take on. 


From memories to business, pictures are an important part of life and have been for decades. Without stunning photographs the world would be much less vibrant.


Without a doubt communication through video is important in todays society. To have video on your side means you have the ability to be heard in a crowded room. 

No longer is social media just a way to keep in touch with friends, it's how the modern world grows their business, showcase their skills, and reach out beyond barriers in every day life. 

Social Media

Podcasting is a whole new world for many people, but yet it has been around for a long time. People around the world have listened to podcasts I have produced and can soon listen to yours too. 




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