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We have been producing podcasts since 2019 and have been made guest appearances on many others. Our current and most successful podcast is called "Wicked and Grim: A True Crime Podcast". It has garnered nearly a million downloads and is currently ranked in the top 1.5% of most popular podcasts world wide. 

Whether you are curious about the shows we currently produce or you are interested in starting you own show, we would be happy to talk with you and help. 

The world has slowly been moving more and more towards podcasts being a popular way to consume content, whether it's for entertainment or education. All we have to do is just listen as we complete the daily tasks in our lives, such as washing dishes, commuting to work, or daily exercise,  and podcasts are there to help us through it all. 

To learn more and understanding how the world of podcasting works send us an email and we can coach you through every step of he way. 




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