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About me

Media Forge Studios was established in 2018 by me, Ben Gibson. 

It all started out with photography in 2010, then I gradually made my way into videography and content creation.  I have spread into the several media form you see across this website and have been very successful in all fields. From producing world class podcasts, to garnishing nearly 200,000 social media followers on a single account, and shooting professional documentary films. There are few forms in media which I cannot say I love, each one poses its own challenges, and each time I rise to meet it with excitement. 

Beyond the media however, there is a bit more to who I am. I was lucky enough to marry my high school sweet heart and we love dogs, especially huskies. We currently live in a tiny home and only have one husky, but eventually that will change. 

I love to travel, mountain bike, and explore the outdoors. Without a little adventure in our lives I think things tend to move too slow, and I believe failure is the best way to learn and grow. 



To provide the best experience, product and coaching for all brands and businesses.


I see Media Forge Studios as a stepping stone for countless creators. We all have dreams and visons, this will be the means for us to get you to new heights. 

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